How To Register Your Domain – A Guide

How To Register Your Domain – A Guide

If you want to register a domain, it can sometimes be difficult even to know where to start when it comes to getting your site live. There are multiple routes that you can take to getting a site active and on the internet, and we’re going to be going over them with you, so you’ll come away knowing how best to get a domain put onto the web.

Method A – Using A Hosting Service

One way that you can get a domain uploaded and registered is to use a hosting service. You can find a lot of different ones on the internet, so it is important to select the correct one. The hosting service is where you’ll be storing all of the files for your website, so it is important that you choose the correct one for your needs, making sure to choose a reputable service. Examples of these are places like GoDaddy, Zen Hosting, and also

From there, you should use the availability checker to identify if your domain name is available. The reputable sites like the ones suggested will have a checker for this, where they will search for your domain name, and then if it is not available, they will tell you and also suggest possible alternatives.

From there, it is a simple matter of following all of the instructions which are given to you, signing up for the service and also providing payment for the service. You’re then set up as a domain and you can begin uploading things to your website and making it worthy of people’s attention.

Method B – Not Using A Hosting Service

Another way that you can create your domain is actually to do it without the aid of a hosting service and building it by yourself. The first thing you need to is to check your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and find out if you can or cannot host a website on your servers. Some companies will not allow this, so make sure that you check beforehand. For any questions and advice, get in touch with us.

From there, you’ll need to locate a registrar, which is a website that just offers registration. With these types of companies, you can register the domain name with them, but you do not need to host it with them. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to get a server setup, and also a static IP address which your site will stay on. It needs to be static. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the site.

If you’ve done all of that, you’ll need to get any software which is necessary to make the website, and also configure your firewalls and router to cope with the expected income of traffic and activity, and then set up the site. You should make sure that you test it before you launch it, and also ensure that your security is at best possible level.

Overall, these are the ways that you can create a website. You can either operate with a hosting service or without one, although the hosting services are easier to use and safer when it comes to bigger sites, the choice will always remain yours.

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